3 Step Process on Getting What You Want

By: Joel Cochran

3 Step Processes on Getting What You Want

Ever wonder why you don’t have (fill in the blank)… No seriously, fill in the blank right now in your mind.  What is it that goes through your head the most throughout the day?  Is it thinking about having a job that you love?  Maybe it’s fixing a broken relationship in your life?  Or maybe you just want to have a 6 pack like Coach Joaquin or Coach Leo?  Whatever it might be I have a patented 3 Step Process that will get you what you want starting today!

1) Declare it and share it!Way too often we don’t get what we are seeking because we don’t declare that we actually want it!  This is like a child who really wants chicken nuggets but doesn’t say anything and gets a burger and pouts when they have to eat it.  If you want something you have to invite it into your life by declaring exactly what you are looking for.  

After you have declared it, now it’s time to share it.  I am not saying sharing it with your buddy after a couple of drinks where you can haphazardly commit to what you want, just to forget it in the morning.  Tell your best friend, significant other, family and of course your DE Community!  This creates accountability to yourself and gives the people around you the opportunity to help you succeed.

Action Plan: Write down your goal in one simple sentence on two pieces of paper.  Take one of those pieces of paper and share it with someone.  Take the other piece of paper and put it somewhere that you can see it every single day.

2) Create a Path – Now that you have declared what you want it’s time to create the pathway to get there.  The first thing you need to do is take a step back, breathe and recognize that whatever you want won’t happen overnight.  If it did, then you would already have it by now and it probably wouldn’t be that meaningful because there was little to no investment on your part.   

So how do you start creating your pathway to your goal?  By taking it one step at a time with manageable smaller goals that get the ball rolling.  In Ben Bergeron’s book “Chasing Excellence” he talks about aggregation of marginal gains explaining that small goals won’t make a change instantaneously, but over time they start compounding and making a drastic change.  

Action Plan: At the beginning of each month write down 3 smaller goals that will help you get to your main goal.  Write down the action steps for each one of those goals so that there is a clear path on how to complete them (see example below). Finish by downloading Todoist by clicking HERE.

3) Stay Consistent – We could have all the right intentions, apps, support and declerations but if we cannot stay consitent then you might as well close out of this blog right now and get back to daydreaming about why you dont have (fill in the blank).  

In my last blog “Consistency Doesn’t Matter” I talk about how we can get easily excited about trying to accomplish a goal or try something new, but we don’t commit to the process of change by staying consistent.  

Consistency is about getting rid of old habits and replacing them with new habits that support your goal.  When you get home do you sit on the couch and start surfing social media?  The couch is the habit, replace your phone with a book on nutrition if you are looking to eat healthier.  Start recgonizing what habits you have in your life and slowly start replacing them with more productive habits that support your goal.

Action Plan: Highlight 2 habits in your life that you can replace with a new habit.  Write them down on a calendar and see if you can go 1 week without going back to the old habit.  If you make 1 week, try for 4.  

So there it is, my patented 3 Step Process on getting what you want.  Think you have a better way on getting to your goals?  Good, tell me how you will do it, show me how you will get there and keep me updated on how it goes…