Consistency Doesn’t Matter

By: Joel Cochran

Ever wonder why you aren’t getting the results you are looking for? I’m not just talking about in the gym and whether you’re hitting PR’s and changing the way your body looks; I’m also talking about work, relationships, school, family, faith and about every other aspect of your life.

It seems that you’re investing enough time and putting the right effort into making a change in a certain area of your life, yet there still seems to be no change. Ever faced this problem? Well don’t worry, I have a solution!

Consistency. Yes, I know I said that consistency doesn’t matter in my title and that’s because it’s true. Consistency doesn’t matter until you decide that you want a change, then it’s the only thing that matters!

Since starting Double Edge back in 2013 I have done over 1,000 introductions with people looking for a change in their health. They always come in with the best of intentions and attitude but usually just after a few weeks their motivation starts to wither and they’re faced with a decision. Create a lifestyle change by making fitness a consistent part of their life, or allow the struggles of change to overwhelm them putting out their fire and bringing them back to old habits.

What I have come to find is that life is very much like fitness. We get excited for a change in our lives but don’t make the commitment to be consistent with that change. Want better communication with your significant other? Turn off the TV every night and spend 15 minutes of uninterrupted time talking about your day. Looking to lower your stress? Meditate or pray everyday for 10 minutes. Want better grades in school? Spend 1 hour a day in the library. Want to have a better relationship with your kids? Turn off your phone and leave it in your car every night when you get home. Want to be fit? Workout 5 days a week and eat whole foods. And so, on and so forth….

Will it be hard at first? Of course, change is never easy! But what you will find is that the more you are consistent with your actions the easier they will become. Sooner or later you will ditch the old habits that didn’t reap any reward and replace them with new habits that will bring you more joy, happiness and health that will be sustained for the rest of your life!

See you in the gym!