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This is our most popular class and encompasses the Welded methodology of constantly varied functional movements executed at high intensity. You will be asked to perform the basic elements which include weightlifting, mono-structural cardio, and gymnastic movements such as a pull up. Each class starts with a skill-based warm-up and moves on to skill or strength training, followed by a MetCon workout, then finishing with a cool down and mobility work. Each MetCon varies and consists of a 10-20 minute workout that combines several movements or exercises grouped into sets. Each MetCon will be measurable by either time or rounds, giving you the ability to test and retest your fitness. The Welded course is offered Monday through Friday and Saturday morning.




Our Olympic Weightlifting class is held once a week on Saturday morning for athletes who are interested in developing their technique and skill in the snatch and the clean & jerk. The one hour class will focus solely on Olympic and auxiliary lifts that will help develop efficiency and coordination in the snatch, clean and jerk and other related lifts.



Our Master’s program is specifically designed around the needs of our older athletes. Our daily focuses include mobility, flexibility, joint strength, mechanics, nutrition, overall strength and endurance. Unlike our normal large group classes, our masters Welded class is smaller to provide assistance and modifications to any movement or workout to help provide a safe and comfortable space for our older members who are looking for the benefits of Welded. For more information about our Master’s program please contact [email protected]


Personal Training

Double Edge personal training is what defines us. You will receive a personally programmed fitness plan to help you develop your goals and a defined path on how to get there. Personal training provides you with one-on-one instruction from one of our highly qualified coaches and is focused on your individual success. Check out personal training for all the following needs: Fitness and health goals, post rehabilitation, injury prevention and rehabilitation, and movement and performance assessment. There are a variety of packages to choose from, from our revolutionary drop-in personal coaching program to full-time coaching.

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