You Can’t Exercise Your Way Out of a Bad Diet

At Double Edge we offer comprehensive group class programming, online training templates, 1 on 1 technique training and even personalized programming to help you reach your next PR or fitness goal.  But no matter how good the coaching or programming is inside the gym, your performance will suffer if you aren’t focusing on what you are doing outside of the gym.

Nutrition is the base of the fitness pyramid and if your base is not solid everything above it will suffer.  So how is your base? Do you know the difference between counting calories and counting Macros? Do you workout 3-5 days a week but don’t see much of a change in your body composition or performance? Your base is most likely suffering.

If you need help with your Nutrition we are here for you!  Double Edge Nutrition offers a comprehensive approach to your diet that will fit your exact needs.  Our certified coaches have worked with hundreds of athletes and members to help them reach their fitness goals.  If you are interested in sitting down for a complimentary consultation you can contact one of our nutrition coaches by sending them an email with the subject line “nutrition consultation”.  

Joaquin Ramirez – [email protected]
Tammy Hamilton – [email protected]