What’s in My Bag?

By: Sabrina Blajos

I have gotten a lot of questions lately on what I use or take with me to competitions or even just a standard gym bag, so I just wanted to share with you guys why it’s important to have a Gym Bag, and what to put in it.

The must haves in MY bag are:

-My Belt/Lifters/Knee Sleeves (this ensures that if i am doing a class or even a competition i will feel confident in pushing for that extra weight)

-My Rope (if you know me at all you know I DO NOT share my rope lol, if you notice when the ropes aren’t taken care of properly and have kinks or threads you cannot perform the DU or Singles Properly. Having my own rope ensures that its taken care of)

-Liquid Chalk (Yep, I have my own liquid chalk especially for competition days, I a such a princess when it comes to gymnastic movements that i have to make sure i have my chalk)

-Tall Socks/Knee Sleeves (This is for Rope Climbs you guys have probably been seeing them more often in programming and in comps, having these in your bag saves your shins.)

Everything else is just extra, those are things that as you get more into crossfit will find that you are going to want your own. If you have any questions on the styles and companies that me or any of the coaches use just ask us. We all have different preferences and it’s always fun to get new gear! =]