Nutrition Challenge Results!


First off I would like to congratulate all of you on a successful challenge! The results we got have been amazing and that credit goes to all of you that busted your ass over the last 8 weeks! We have finished tallying the points for the challenge and we have our top 3 finishers as well as the team standings!
Individual Top 3
1st Place – Mike Rapisora (901 points)
Mike lost an astounding 7.1% body fat while adding a little over 1 pound of muscle!! He also improved on the challenge workout by 58 reps. He stayed consistent and worked hard every day to get in the gym and get after it. Congratulations Mike on a job well done!
2nd Place – Katherine Bock (888 points)
Katherine lost the most body fat of anyone on the challenge! In 8 weeks she shredded 7.5 % body fat!! She also gained a little muscle and improved her workout by 40 reps. She was always in the gym and kept her nutrition on point the entire 8 weeks. Congratulations Katherine on an amazing result over the past 8 weeks!
3rd Place – Kaela Depoali (861 points)
Kaela lost 4.3% body fat and gained 1.5 pounds of muscle in 8 weeks! She improved her workout score by 42 reps and consistently got her daily points throughout the entire challenge! Congratulations Kaela on an awesome challenge! 
Honorable Mentions
Tim Wood improved his workout score by 100 reps!!
Kevin Berge improved his workout score by 69 reps!!
Jd Swafford improved his workout score by 67 reps!!
Jerry Melendrez gained 2.7 lbs of muscle!!
Amy Litvinchuk gained 2.6 lbs of muscle!!
Ami McCuskey gained 2.2 lbs of muscle!!
Paul Shogren lost 5.7% body fat!!
Mikaela Hildebrandt lost 5.1% body fat!!
Vernon Miller lost 4.9% body fat!!
Noah Teixeira lost 4.9% body fat!!
Team Top 3 
Remember that the team scores are the combined individual points for a team total.
1st Place – Brianne Sullivan and Ami McCuskey (1528 points)
2nd Place – Al Hearn and Vernon Miller (1405 points)
3rd Place– Katherine and Matt Bock (1382 points)