Lower Back Love

By: Trent Soares

There are many reasons why someone may have back pain, both acute and chronic, but more often than not, it’s a combination of having weak glutes, tight hamstrings, inability to properly brace the core, or maybe just a traumatic injury that lead to the pain. Lately my lower back region has been flaring up after workouts. After 2 weeks of implementing these movements into my warm-up I haven’t had any hesitation with pulling anything off the ground.

Bird Dog: focus on slowly extending opposite arm/leg out as far away from body as possible. Get a big SQUEEZE in that glute! Control it back in, limiting rotation.

Cat Cow: As a coach I witness people that don’t know how it feels to intentionally flex and extend their spine. This exercise does the trick.

Dead-bug: keeping lower back, upper back, and head pressed against floor, slowly extend opposite leg/arm out and control it back in. The slower, the more challenging

Side Plank: This exercise helps increase your lateral anti-flexion strength. Be sure to stack your top leg foot in front of the other and maintain a big chest with shoulders back. It can be a bit fatiguing, but I believe lateral movement is essential in a good warm-up.

Glute bridges: Glute strength plays a big part in how your back functions. Weak or inactive glutes force the body to make up the difference elsewhere. These are a great way to wake them up. Just don’t make eye contact with anyone, or try to hold a conversation while completing these.

Now I do group class and I still do the programmed warm-up. I just make sure to get these in before class. So don’t go telling you Coach that Trent said I can do my own warm-up. It takes 10 minutes to get a good session in and if you have any questions on the movements, number of reps feel free to ask any coach as they are familiar with these exercises.