Exploring the Summits of Washoe and Nevada

By: Arthur Anderson

I recently read an article in the RGJ about a woman who has hiked the tallest peaks in each of the lower 48 states, twice.  She also finished hiking the tallest peaks in each of Idaho’s 44 counties.  Sounds pretty ambitious, but I got to thinking that as a Crossfit community this might be a fun challenge for ourselves, our friends and family, that gets us exercising and enjoying the great outdoors together.

I’m going to take up the challenge and I invite you to join me.  I found a list on www.mountainzone.com of 136 summits in Washoe county ranging from Mount Rose at 10,709 feet to Twentyone Mile Hill at 4,554 feet.  I’m going to start by hiking the 20 highest peaks in Washoe County.  My goal is to complete this list by the end of next year; sooner if weather permits.  I know some of you “crazies” may want to do each hike for time and compare notes, that could be fun too, but me, I’m going for completion of the list.


1 Mount Rose 10,709 ft (3,264 m)
2 Church Peak 10,613 ft (3,235 m)
3 Mount Houghton 10,482 ft (3,195 m)
4 Relay Peak 10,272 ft (3,131 m)
5 Snowflower Mountain 10,220 ft (3,115 m)
6 Tamarack Peak 9,872 ft (3,009 m)
7 Slide Mountain 9,632 ft (2,936 m)
8 Rose Knob Peak 9,613 ft (2,930 m)
9 Rose Knob 9,573 ft (2,918 m)
10 Rifle Peak 9,462 ft (2,884 m)
11 Chocolate Peak 9,406 ft (2,867 m)
12 Mount Baldy 9,265 ft (2,824 m)
13 Alpine Walk Peak 8,957 ft (2,730 m)
14 Granite Peak 8,940 ft (2,725 m)
15 Marlette Peak 8,743 ft (2,665 m)
16 Tule Peak 8,707 ft (2,654 m)
17 Herlan Peak 8,546 ft (2,605 m)
18 Virginia Peak 8,248 ft (2,514 m)
19 Pah Rah Mountain 8,222 ft (2,506 m)
20 Peavine Peak 8,215 ft (2,504 m)

I have also added to my list the tallest peaks for each of Nevada’s 17 counties, but with no formal completion time, as they are more time consuming to plan and complete.


Carson City County       Snow Valley Peak          9204 feet

Churchill County             Desatoya Peak               9973 feet

Clark County                   Charleston Peak            11,918 feet

Douglas County             East Peak                        9591 feet

Elko County                    Ruby Dome                     11,387 feet

Esmerelda County         Boundary Peak              13,143 feet State highpoint

Eureka County               Diamond Peak                10,614 feet

Humboldt County           Granite Peak                  9732 feet

Lander County                Bunker Hill                       11,474 feet

Lincoln County               Mt. Grafton liner             10,640 feet

Lyon County                   Middle Sister liner          10,570 feet

Mineral County               Mt. Grant                         11,280 feet

Nye County                     So Jefferson                   11,941 feet

Pershing County            Star Peak                        9836 feet

Storey County                 Mt. Davidson                  7864 feet

Washoe County             Mt. Rose                          10,776 feet

White Pine County         Wheeler Peak                 13,063 feet

Other websites with additional information about these hikes are:  www.highpointers.org, www.summitpost.org and www.peakbagger.com.

As I complete each hike, I will post it and I encourage you to do the same if you’re interested.  Good luck to any of you who would like to join me.