DE Nutrition Challenge

By: Joaquin Ramirez
This year we are bringing back the nutrition challenge bigger and better! Remember, you can partake in this challenge as and individual or on a team. There will be tons of prizes and giveaways along the way and of course the results to start your new year off right!
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Last year we had great results and wanted to share some success stories going into this years challenge!

“I decided to participate in the nutrition challenge last year after hitting a wall with my weight loss. At that point I had lost 30 lbs. I was eating better in comparison to my previous eating habits but the nutrition challenge was difficult initially. Abstaining from alcohol was not the hardest part of the challenge. My sweet tooth is a problem. Prior to the challenge I was having 3 to 4 sweet treats a week. It was mostly ice cream and mochas.

What helped me during the challenge was signing up with a partner. Having a partner created a sense of accountability. I didn’t want to let my partner down. Having support at home helped too. My wife participated in the challenge. We meal planned and prep every week. Meal prep is time consuming but it proved to be very helpful throughout the week. After a couple of weeks, I became comfortable with the diet then the weight just came off.

At the end of the challenge I lost 25 lbs. The best part of the challenge for me was examining my eating habits and deciding to no longer make them a barrier to my weight loss goals. I have incorporated most of the nutrition challenge into my day to day life. The struggle with my sweet tooth is real but my fitness takes priority.” – Al Hearn

“The 2018 nutrition challenge was amazing! It really helped shape my fitness goals and enthusiasm for the year. I competed with a wonderful partner who helped to keep me on track. While I lost 10 pounds during the challenge and saw huge improvements in my performance, it didn’t stop there. The progress encouraged me to keep working at getting healthier. From the start of that challenge to today I am down over 20 pounds and I feel stronger and healthier. I encourage anyone looking for a push to be better to participate with a partner this coming year!” – Amy Hoover
“Last year’s nutrition challenge was a great way to start the year.  I needed to make a change and a challenge was a great way to help keep me accountable.  The coaches really emphasized nutrition and performance, not just weight loss.  I learned how foods affect how tired or energized we feel as well as how it effected my workouts.  Throughout the challenge I ended up losing roughly 20 lbs and it significantly helped my workouts.  If you’re looking to jumpstart 2019 in the right direction with a challenging yet fun goal, the nutrition challenge is a great way to do just that.” – Steve Diaz