Class Cap Details

Class Cap Starts in 2019! Here are the details:

Booking Window:
Booking window started at 14 days for everyone.  Based on feedback we are opening that up to the end of the next month.  This will help those who plan their schedules, plan even better.

Booking Priority:
All-Access: 1st of the month can book all the way through the end of the next month.

Unlimited: 10th of the month can priority book all the way through the end of the next month.

Select: 15th of the month can priority book all the way through the end of the next month.

Intro people: Can only book within the current month. Can NOT book into the next month.

Late Cancel Windows:
“Peak Class” If the schedule states this is a peak class, that class will have an 8-hour late cancel window.

All other classes will have a 2-hour late cancel window.

Late Cancel Charge:
Because the charge is about protecting the member experience and not financial gain. We are going to start very low to start.

We need to hold people accountable for showing up to their workouts and also canceling them in a timely fashion so others can book classes. As classes fill up, this is going to be very important.

The Late Cancel Charge is going to start at $3 for 2019. This charge will be across the board for every single late cancel, for every single class at both locations, regardless of class size and time of day.

There is no way to predict if a class will fill up or not, so there needs to be an equal standard across all our classes for this to be effective at protecting the member experience.

We know that certain situations will happen that are out of your control. For this reason we have created a Late Cancel Appeal link at the bottom of our website where you can submit your form with a brief description in which we will respond back to you within 24 hours.

Class Cap Size
To eliminate confusion there is no longer a soft and hard cap. There is only a hard cap. There will be no going over the hard cap.

We are going to test these sizes of class for 2019.

Class size cap:
Midtown = 30
South = 26