“Build” Bias

By: Joel Cochran

At Double Edge we offer up to 4 fitness programs daily which are Lean, Build, Welded and Warrior.  These 4 different tracks of programming gives our members the ability to grow their fitness from a base level of health and wellness to an elite level of competition.  The only problem that we have faced with this comprehensive approach to programming is which program should you be following?  

The answer is whichever program provides you with the correct stimulus that is efficient, effective and safe.  One day that could be the build programming and the next it could be the welded programming, the important part is making sure you know what workout will be best for your body and your goals.  

But here lies the problem… not all programs seem to be treated equally.  It has come to my attention in the past 3 months that our members tend to look at our build program in a different light than our Welded and Warrior program.  I have found that the general bias is that it is a scaled program designed for beginners and not for more veteran athletes. Does this ring a bell? The problem with this bias is that our more veteran athletes feel that they won’t get any benefit from following the Build program and that they should always be following the welded program.  

So the real question is, can a veteran athlete see results from the build program?  Well we are going to find out. For the next month I am going to solely follow the build program until I complete 20 workouts, which will include the strength as well as the WOD’s.  To measure my results I have completed an Inbody scan and will be using SugarWod to test and retest the first workout and strength which I completed on Monday.  

I do not plan on changing my diet or making any drastic changes during this next month, the only change that will be made is following the build program 5 days a week for one month.  At the end of the month I will follow up with another blog that will have my Inbody results and my retest of my first workout.  

If you would like to join me on this journey email me at [email protected] or text at 775-338-9966 and I will help get you set up with an Inbody scan and take you through a build test workout so that you can be part of this experiment as well!