Workout And Words For December 11th – Raising Hope $1 At a Time

As we all know (or at least i hope we all know) the holiday season isn’t all about presents and lights, its about giving selflessly and openly not in the hopes to be recognized but to be part of the spirit.  We find ourselves investing more into our friends, family and even complete strangers during this particular time of the year.

At Double Edge we are no stranger for giving back to the community whether it be food, time, blood or money we know how important it is to count your blessing and give back to those in need.  Yesterday we were made of a wonderful opportunity to give back to the children in our community by simply posting to Instagram.   The Reno Summit Mall and Renown Medical Center have joined forces to help raise money for the Renown Children hospital.  Here is how we can help!

Take a holiday picture at a place that you love and spend plenty of time at….Cough Cough DE, then simply post it to your instagram account making sure to tag @thesummitreno and #sharetheseason.  For every picture the Reno Summit Mall will donate a $1 to the Renown Children’s Hospital!  It is that simply folks!  We have an opportunity to really raise some money here by just taking a minute out of your day.  If every member would to do this tomorrow at least once we could raise over $200!  Imagine if everyone did it twice?

The holiday season is about giving, so lets come together and show that we can make a difference together!





Warm Up:

Trainers Choice



12 Clean and Jerks (1 Every 40 seconds)




10 Minute AMRAP

6 Snatches @95/65

9 Push Ups

12 Air Squats



10 Minute AMRAP

8 Total DB Snatches

9 Push Ups

12 Air Squats


Skill work:

Rope Climbs/HSPU



Pre – OH Tissue Smash (pg.255)

Post – Tricep Smash on KB




Handstand Push Ups


“Surprise Metcon”




Cleaning Up That Snatch