Top 10 Gifts for the Weldedter in Your Life

By: Trent Soares

It’s Christmas time and the season for giving. Especially if you are trying to “snatch” the attention of that fox in class, or maybe just trying to make amends with that coach that you’re always a “jerk” to. Get it?

Here are the top ten gifts to buy a Weldedter:

  1. Any Double Edge Apparel
    American Flag Shirt (Leo)
    It’s scientifically proven that you can lift more weight wearing anything that has the DE logo on it.
  1. Smartphone Mount
    Perch Mount
    There to catch all those PR moments. Remember, it doesn’t count unless you post it on social media.
  1. Speed Rope
    Rogue Speed Rope
    Now there are no excuses!
  1. Recovery Kit
    For the achy athlete that is always walking funny.
  1. Blender Bottle
    Blender Bottle
    Good old fashion shaker always goes a long way. You can never have enough especially for those few cases that you created a science experiment in the kitchen sink.
  1. WOD Dice
    WOD Dice
    What’s the WOD?
  1. Toy Barbell
    WOD Toys
    Let’s invest into our future Welded athletes. I can’t wait to see the mobility of my 1 year-old with a barbell.
  1. WOD Box Subscription
    WOD Box
  1. Bath products to soothe muscles
    SOAK Jar
  1. Journal for tracking all those WOD’s
    WOD Journal

I can’t wait to see you all at our 3rd Annual Ugly Sweater Christmas Party, this weekend. There will be activities for all ages, please let us know at the front desk if you are coming!