Workout And Words For October 9th – Lurong Points

As we finish up workout #4 of the Lurong Challenge i have found that a lot of people have been coming up to me and asking about the scoring and how points are awarded.  To make it easy i directly copied the scoring system rules to the blog to hopefully help answer any questions that there might be.   As of right now we are sitting in second place in the world so read up on how to get points so we can jump to the top!


6. Scoring System


As a Participant your overall Individual score will be calculated from a combination of Performance Points, Diet Points, Bonus Points, and Improvement Points (which includes Performance Improvement, Weight Improvement, and Body Composition Improvement. Bonus Points include WOD Completion Points, Goals, Experience, and Food Adventurer. The overall individual champions will be the Participants that have the highest total score within each division.

An Affiliate Team qualifies for a chance to win the Affiliate Grand Prize or other Team prizes once they have at least 20 registered Participants who have selected that particular Affiliate upon registration for the Challenge. In order for individuals to qualify to participate for their team, they must complete at least 50% of the WODs at that Registered Affiliate. Failure to meet this qualification could result in the Affiliate being disqualified from being awarded any Affiliate prize.

A team’s score is calculated by taking the sum of the top 15 scores/points from team members for each of the following categories: diet, bonus, performance in each of the 10 workouts, weight improvement, measurement improvement, and performance improvement for each of the benchmark WODs. There is no need for dropped scores as only the top 15 in each category will count towards the team’s total score.

Category Points Possible
Performance 500
Diet Compliance 1,008
Improvement 600
Bonus 170
Total Points Possible 2,278
Diet Compliance Points

The Challenge is 56 Days Long with a total of 1,008 Diet Compliance Points possible to be earned during the Challenge. For each day’s diet you will mark Clean or Cheat for six (6) time periods during the day. Each Clean is (+3) points while every Cheat is (+1) points. A perfect day is (+18) points. See Dietary Compliance in section 4 above for more specific Rules.

You have six (6) full days to enter your diet compliance for a given day. For example, your diet scores for Monday the 1st becomes open for submission on Monday the 1st at 5 PM EDT and must be entered by 11:59 PM EDT on Sunday 7th. Any day that is not submitted into the system before the deadline passes will count as a zero (0) for the day.

Performance Points

Your Performance Rank will be determined by your finishing time (score) on a weighted scale against all 3 Levels of difficulty. Rankings are grouped into percentiles.

Level 3 Level 2 Level 1 Performance Points
95th+ 50
90th+ 49
85th+ 48
80th+ 47
75th+ 46
70th+ 45
65th+ 95th+ 44
60th+ 90th+ 43
55th+ 85th+ 42
50th+ 80th+ 41
45th+ 75th+ 40
40th+ 70th+ 39
35th+ 65th+ 95th+ 38
30th+ 60th+ 90th+ 37
25th+ 55th+ 85th+ 36
20th+ 50th+ 80th+ 35
15th+ 45th+ 75th+ 34
10th+ 40th+ 70th+ 33
5th+ 35th+ 65th+ 32
0-4th 30th+ 60th+ 31
25th+ 55th+ 30
20th+ 50th+ 29
15th+ 45th+ 28
10th+ 40th+ 27
5th+ 35th+ 26
0-4th 30th+ 25
25th+ 24
20th+ 23
15th+ 22
10th+ 21
5th+ 20
0-4th 19

There is a maximum potential of earning 500 Performance Points during the Challenge. Your Performance Rank will be compared only to Participants in your specific Division and level ranked according to the chart above. Remember that all WODs must be judged and validated by a Level 1 Trainer at your registered Affiliate or you can submit a video with your score. All WODs must be submitted by you, the Participant, on the Challenge Platform before the WOD Submission deadline for each WOD.

Tie-Breaker: Ties in workout scores/times may happen from time to time. The participant who submits their score first will be ranked higher than someone with the same score who submitted their score later. The second tie break is who earned more Lifestyle points for the week.

Body Measurement and Weight Improvement

Body Composition improvement points are determined by comparing the total of your before and after Body Measurements and the difference in your weight. There are a potential 200 Points that can be earned for Body Measurement Improvements, and 100 points for weight improvement.  You will enter your Body Measurements.  The Challenge Platform will automatically calculate the difference in the measurements and weight. Your Improvement numbers will then be ranked against all Participants.  The bigger the Improvement, the higher the rank, and then the rankings will be grouped into percentiles. In the event that there is a tie in between two or more Participants and where the percentile break affects which percentile the Participant(s) fall into, the following tie-breaker rules apply: Tie-Break- The Participant who had the greatest percentage change in body composition ranks higher. This is defined by the person who lost a greater percentage of inches compared to their total inches of the initial measurements. The same rationale applies to weight change. The following chart shows how points are awarded for the Body Measurement and Weight Improvement Rank:

Body Measurement Improvement Rank Points Awarded
95th+ 200
90th+ 190
85th+ 180
80th+ 170
75th+ 160
70th+ 150
65th+ 140
60th+ 130
55th+ 120
50th+ 110
45th+ 100
40th+ 90
35th+ 80
30th+ 70
25th+ 60
20th+ 50
15th+ 40
10th+ 30
5th+ 20
0-4th 10


Weight Improvement Rank Points Awarded
95th+ 100
90th+ 95
85th+ 90
80th+ 85
75th+ 80
70th+ 75
65th+ 70
60th+ 65
55th+ 60
50th+ 55
45th+ 50
40th+ 45
35th+ 40
30th+ 35
25th+ 30
20th+ 25
15th+ 20
10th+ 15
5th+ 10
0-4th 5

Tie-Breaker: it may happen where multiple participants see the exact same change in measurements or weight loss. In the event of a measurement improvement tie where it affects the percentile finish and therefore each person’s point total the participant who lost a higher percentage of body measurements will be ranked higher. The second tie break for body measurements is determined by who lost more weight. If two or more people lose the same amount of weight the first tie break is who lost a higher percentage of body weight. The second tie break for weight loss is determined by who lost more inches. The final tie break for both improvement scores is determined by whoever has more performance improvement.

Performance Improvement Points

In Phase 3 of the Challenge you will be performing WOD 8, WOD 9, and WOD 10 which are a repeat of WOD 1, WOD 2, and WOD 3 respectively. The comparison of each set of WODs will give you a Performance Improvement Score for each of these 3 WODs. That Performance Improvement Score will then be compared with all Challenge Participants regardless of Division, Region or skill level in which the WODS were performed. In the event that there is a tie in the total performance improvement time between two or more Participants and where the percentile break affects which percentile the Participant(s) fall into, the following tie-breaker rule applies. The person with the higher percentage of improvement will be ranked higher. Mathematically, this means whoever completed the Phase 1 WOD quicker would be ranked higher in the event of the same improvement score. This score will give you a Performance Improvement Rank which will be awarded points according to the table below:

Performance Improvement WOD 8&1 WOD 9&2 WOD 10&3
95th+ 100 100 10
90th+ 95 95 95
85th+ 90 90 90
80th+ 85 85 85
75th+ 80 80 80
70th+ 75 75 75
65th+ 70 70 70
60th+ 65 65 65
55th+ 60 60 60
50th+ 55 55 55
45th+ 50 50 50
40th+ 45 45 45
35th+ 40 40 40
30th+ 35 35 35
25th+ 30 30 30
20th+ 25 25 25
15th+ 20 20 20
10th+ 15 15 15
5th+ 10 10 10
0-4th 5 5 5

There are a potential of 300 points to be earned for Performance Improvement. In order to qualify to earn these points, both WODs in that series must be completed, submitted, and validated. Therefore, it is critical to your overall Challenge experience and opportunity to win prizes to complete all the requirements before the deadlines.

Tie-break: In the event of a tie that affects which percentile 2 or more participants end up in the higher ranking score is determined by which participant had a greater percentage of improvement in their workout times. The second tie break is determined by who had a higher overall (sum of all 4 workout scores) total REPS.

Bonus Points

During the Challenge there are a potential of 170 points to be earned for a variety of criteria. The rules for each Bonus Point requirement are in Section 4. The following is a breakdown of how many points will be awarded for each Bonus Point requirement:

Bonus Point Title Why Points Possible
Benchmark Workout Completion 5 points for completing each benchmark workout 30
Performance Workout Completion 15 point for each workout completed 60
Goals 5 points each for your first 6 tracked goals 30
Recipe Explorer 4 points for up to 5 recipes submitted 20
Written Experience Submitting a written experience 10
Video Experience Recording and submitting a video of your experience 20
Total Bonus Points Possible 170
Auditing and Challenge Team Validation

The Sponsor’s Challenge Team reserves the right to audit a Participant or an Affiliate at any point during the Challenge to ensure accuracy of WOD score submissions or other criteria. Auditing may come in the form of, but is not limited to, personal visits, video submission for all future WODs, direct communication with registered Affiliate owners, or Sponsor’s Challenge Team judging.

During the Challenge, the Challenge Team will be reviewing video submissions regularly. If you feel a workout video submission and score is inaccurate please use the contact us form to investigate.

The Sponsor’s Challenge Team will be the final judge for Video Submissions, and the Challenge Team is also the final say on the acceptance of Bonus Point components such as qualifying video and written Testimonials, and Food Adventurer. All decisions made by the Sponsor’s Challenge Team are final and binding.



Warm Up:

Trainer Choice



6×2 Back Squat @80% (Every 1:15)




20 Minute AMRAP

30 Double Unders

15 Medball Slams 20/16

200m OR 15 Cals Alt.

10 Toes to Bar



20 Minute AMRAP

60 Singles

15 Medball Slams

200m OR 15 Cals Alt.

10 K2E/V-Ups



Pre – Banded Hip Extension (pg. 329)

Post – Superfriend quad smash




Bar muscle ups