Workout And Words For August 14th – Beckie’s Welded Story

Beckie’s Welded Story – Finding my “Get Skinny” Moment

My Welded experience started about 1 ½ years ago. I have always struggled with my weight, and after I had kids it was even harder to lose. I tried all kinds of workout regimens to get in shape, but unfortunately nothing was working and my motivation was dwindling.

After I started Welded I became less obsessed with “getting skinny” and more obsessed with how strong I could get. I had this drive to work harder and push myself more each WOD and when coupled with the clean eating I had learned from other members and coaches I had shed 25lbs. It was amazing that doing something that seemed so much like a fun activity could do that. I didn’t have to spend hours on the treadmill (which I hated so never did) to lose weight. It just happened as an effect of my new lifestyle, and hopefully will continue to happen as I continue to push myself. Welded has become a major staple in my life. It gives me the motivation I had always lacked and the “me time” that is critical to staying sane.

I have also met great friends and learned from great coaches. Coaches are so important in the Welded world, if you don’t have good motivating, knowledgeable coaches then you cannot progress and get stronger. Double Edge has the best coaches and they are great motivators! They take the time to get to know each member and understand their strengths and weaknesses. They care about our progress and have a sense of pride when we do better each day. It feels like a family and that is one of the best things about the Welded community. Making gains in every aspect of life is what it is all about.




Warm Up:

Trainer Choice



9×2 Below the Knee Hang Power Clean (EMOM-Must Make Contact)




3 Rounds Partner

25 KB Swings

20 Cal on bike

20 DB Push Press

20 DB Snatches

200 Meter Run Together

3 Rounds (Partner Workout)

10 Power Cleans @135/95

25 Calories on Bike/Row

10 S2OH @135/95

20 DB Snatches 65/35

200 Meter Run Together


One partner works, one rests.


Pre – Banded Wrist Distraction

Post – Hip Distraction and Capsule mobilization (pg.314,315)




Tire Flips

GHD Sit Ups

OH Lunges