What is your why?

By: Leo Fontana

A lot of the time we just go through the motions of our life not really knowing why we do the things we do. It can become habitual and the habit can become boring, we tend to overlook the reasons we do these things.
In fitness, it can be the same way. We get used to coming to the gym, parking in the same spot, going through the same motions showing up to class and just doing the things you are told to do, without much thought behind it. Then, all of sudden something changes, we start to notice because now it’s not part of our routine anymore, but we still tend to not ask why things are changing, we usually complain, because it is not the norm anymore, it’s just… different.
I challenge you to start thinking why we do the things we do. Not just in fitness but with everything in life. For example: You wake up in the morning? Think why do you do that, why do you go to your job, why do you love it, why do you hate it? Why do you eat the things that you do, because it’s easy? Or because it’s good for you? Think why do you come to the gym, why Double Edge? Is it to become the fittest person on Earth? Or because you want to become the healthiest, most fit version of yourself? Have you ever thought about longevity? Why do we do the programming, the coaching, the set up the way we do? I promise you that if you start at least trying, you will start appreciating a lot more things and actions around you. A lot more than usual, and complaining might turn into appreciating. That will transform you into a more positive person, which in the end benefits everyone!