Vacation season is here!

By: Joaquin Ramirez

Now that the weather is warming up and lots of us will be traveling over the next few months I wanted to give some tips on how to stay fit and active while away on vacation.

Most of us by now can create some sort of workout on our own to do with minimal equipment and I would encourage you to do so. Just because you don’t have a coach there doesn’t mean you shouldn’t exercise and we all know just ten minutes a day is all we really need. This is a good time to slow things down and get back to the basics. With minimal equipment you will find yourself doing lots of squats, situps, pushups, burpees and lunges. Now is a great time to drill excellent form on these since this will probably be the bulk of your exercises. Be creative! Use amraps, emoms and rounds for time in your at home/hotel workouts. Get up early, get after it and then enjoy your vacation.

Another thing I would suggest doing while traveling is dropping it at other gyms. This is one of my favorite things to do in other cities and you can now find crossfit gyms everywhere. Look up gyms online and check out their schedule. If they have classes that work for you go! Crossfit is all one big community and it’s always cool to see how other people put their twist on the methodology.

Lastly, do yourself a favor and purchase a ROMWOD subscription. This might be the best thing you can do while away. Getting up in the morning and stretching especially if you will be on cars and planes a lot will be vital to your health and flexibility. It’s very inexpensive and you can pull up on any phone, tablet or computer. They also have shortened versions now so if all you have is 10-15 minutes they got you covered.

Enjoy your vacation and stay fit by taking just a few minutes a day to keep your body healthy. Safe travels!