Tier System

In the past month, we have placed two specific details on the walls at both gyms. The first that most people have noticed is 4 levels of movement standards and workouts ranging from tier 4 to tier 1. The second is our core values that represent the heart and soul of Double Edge. So, what do they have in common? Let us explain…

The tier system was created on the foundation of Double Edge’s core values to test members in benchmark movements and workouts that will challenge the beginner athlete to the advanced athlete and everyone in between.

How did our core values create the tier system? Well, when you live your life by a value system it can have a positive effect on everything in your life. Fitness is one program that has been proven to have positive effects on all aspects of your life and wellbeing. A value system and fitness combined can have an everlasting effect on you and everyone around you.

To better understand this relationship of fitness and core values, we have broken down each of our 5 core values and how they relate to the new tier system.

Faith: Having faith is the first step to accomplishing your goals. You need to have faith in the process, in the coaches, in the programming and have a commitment to your overall health. Truly believing in yourself and the people around you will pay off in huge dividends when completing each tier. “Your faith can move mountains and your doubt can create them.”

Humility: Being humble during your tenure at Double Edge is very important. Great athletes who are humble are the ones who inspire others to be great.  As you progress through the tier system, maintaining your humility is extremely important for your continued growth and the growth of all those you will inspire along the way.

Integrity: Having integrity in your actions and words are a strong focus at Double Edge. Integrity within the gym is striving to do proper technique, proper reps and proper weight, even when no one is watching. The tier system is no different as we will be requiring all movements and weights to be met by the exact standard given to you by your coach. Trying to short cut or cheat the tier system will not work and not make you better.

Perseverance: One of our favorite sayings from Jacob and Derek’s grandfather is, “when the going gets tough the tough gets tougher.” When it gets a little hard, a little uncomfortable, you push through.

There are going to be multiple times when you look at a movement or a weight on the tier list and say “there is no way. It’s too hard”. The challenge isn’t the movement or the weight it’s conquering the mindset that you can! Next time it gets hard ask yourself, can I get one more rep, can I hold onto the bar, can I push a little harder to reach my goals?

Excellence: Anything you do, should be done with excellence in mind. This doesn’t mean you are going to be the best at everything you do but you can do your best at all you do.

Throughout the tier system you will find movements you are good at and other movements that you aren’t. Don’t beat yourself up when you see someone succeeding in something you might be struggling in; the tier system was NOT created for comparisons. There will always be someone who can and will do better than you, but that doesn’t mean you should not close out every workout and every day knowing you put forward your best effort.

When you meet with your coach and start the challenge of progressing through the tier system, know that you will be making a commitment not only to yourself but to your coaches that you will uphold these values as you strive to accomplish movements and workouts that you may have never once thought possible.

Also, we want you to know that you do not have to participate in the tier system. This is completely optional. You can come to the gym and get a great workout in without these being your goals and values. That is totally fine. The tier system is meant to be a conduit to help you reach and maintain goals based on a value system. It doesn’t mean it is the only way to reach your goals and have a value system.

We know you might have more questions on the tier system itself; this is why we created a short video explaining the in’s and outs of it all that you can watch by going to our YouTube page! For additional questions please email us at [email protected].