The Habit Of Good and Bad Gains

by Jacob Wellock

We go through life and we may not realize it, but we tend to develop habits. They run our daily lives and we may never even think about them. For instance, do you brush your teeth before or after your shower? Do you drive the same way to work everyday? Or do you check your social media every night before you go to bed? Habits can be both good and bad, what kind are you developing?

Anyone you talk to will tell you that they want to develop good habits instead of bad, that is just human nature, but are we taking the measures to replace those bad habits with good ones. When we decide to take a break from the gym and stop working out, it is very easy to get out of that groove and hard to get back in, but when you do get back in you feel much more accomplished and better about yourself. When we aren’t in the gym, some habits may develop such as eating unhealthier, staying up later, and being less productive. But when you do come to the gym you tend to eat healthier, go to bed a decent hour, and utilize more of the hours in your day. By staying consistent and going to the gym, you start to develop good habits that revolve around that one-hour that you are at the gym. I won’t go into max detail on the benefits of exercising, because hey, I work with a bunch of kick ass individuals and train some pretty awesome people and I will be biased towards that. If you don’t believe me though, ask any of the coaches how much they love what they do and ask any of the clients how pleased they are with how they are doing.

Here are two examples that you can build a habit.   Your shift at work just ended, so that signaled that it’s time to head to that place of gains. You step inside the gym and kick ass in your workout and you feel pretty awesome when you are done. Good habit.

The second habit looks a little like this. Your shift at work just ended, you skip the gym because you saw that your favorite alcohol was on sale and you go and pick it up and while you are there you picked up a box of cookies as well. You get home and have a beer and eat some cookies, feel good at first, but bad later. Bad habit.

These choices and way of thinking affect your daily life more than you realize and you have full control of them, you just have to understand what you are doing and take the steps to change it.

With all that said, instead of skipping your workout and picking up that six pack and those soft cookies, drive to the gym and do what you know works well for you and appreciate the reward at the end of it. You deserve it after a long day at work and why not bring a friend with you to share in the glory of making all those illustrious gains. You know what to do, so keep at the hard work.






Warm Up:  

20/15 cals machine

20 KBS russian, 20 air squats 20 situps

Finish with 15 PVC PT, 15 PVC GM



75 Heavy Hanging KB High Pulls
30 Strict Toes to Bar
40 Push Ups  (15 Minutes)





20 Min Partner AMRAP

30 Power Cleans 135/95

30 Burpees

1 min Plank (Both)

30 Squat Cleans 135/95

30 Box Jumps 24/20

Adv: 155/105
Welded Lean

20 MIn Partner AMRAP

30 Thrusters 75/55

30 Burpees

30 Cal Bike

200 M Run (Both)


Adv: 95/65


Mobility Of The Day: Barbell Shoulder Smash (pg. 266)

Improves: Internal Rotation, Shoulder Pain, Shoulder Mech.





8 to 9am





8:30 to 9:30 Meet in the Yoga room