The Cost of Recovery

By: Derek Wellock


This past weekend in Salt Lake City Joel, Jacob and I had the opportunity to learn from Bobby Maximus of Gym Jones.  This was a great seminar where we learned a tremendous amount to be able to bring back to Reno and progress Double Edge.  One of the biggest take home piece of knowledge was the debit and credit of recovery.




Taking a look at this chart you can see a debit and credit cost of life.  Debit is all stresses your body has to endure on a daily basis.  Credit is the recovery methods you do to balance out the stress.  You can only stress your body out as much as you can recover.  You need to have a balanced checkbook when it comes to your health.
Like our government, most of us don’t have a balanced checkbook.  We are working with more debits then credits.  The goal is to recover and feel your best so figure out what you need to do to balance that checkbook.  Exercise falls in to the debit but only to improve your credit score.  The more you exercise and recover properly your credit limit will increase.  Brand new people to exercise or Welded only have a credit limit of 200 so after a couple days they can max that limit out then all kinds of bad stuff can happen.  But the longer you exercise and pay the debt off over the years, your credit limit will increase.  After a couple months you will have a credit score of a 1000 so you can take bigger risk and train more.

Just remember you will still need to pay it off.  So make sure you are paying off the debt daily by doing what works best for you.  Recovery is different for everyone.  So figure out what works best for you and do it daily so you can build a big savings, which will allow you to train hard!


Remember you can only work as hard as your willing to equally recover.  Balance that check book!





Warm Up:

20/15 Cal Row, 20/15 Cal Bike

2 Rds: 14 OH Plate Lunges, 30 sec plank

1 Minute Lateral Hip Distraction each leg



4×8 Back Squat (Increase Weight)
Every 2:30

Lean: No Strength





Lurong WOD #4

15-12-9-6-3 Deadlifts

5-4-3-2-1 Muscle Ups


Welded Lean

15 Minutes 30/30 on Machine
Rest 3 minutes
15 Minutes 30/30 on Different Machine


Mobility Of the Day: Low Back Smash (pg. 288)

Improves: Low Back Pain and Stiffness




Strengthen & Lengthen

6 to 7am

Mobs & Yogs

5:30 to 6:45pm




Work to a heavy DL

Hamstring accessory