The Community Aspect of Welded

By: Kris Thompson

One of the reasons I believe Welded is a successful fitness modality is because of the community; whether it be at your own gym, your city or just Welded in general. After you “drink the Kool-Aide” and have been coming for a few months you begin to build friendships not only with your coaches but with the other members you surround yourself with everyday. Because of these relationships we’re held accountable, we’re pushed, and we’re inspired by these people that were once strangers.

I remember when I first started Welded that some of the loudest cheering in class was not for the person getting the fastest time or the top score, but for the last person, laying it all out, pushing their very hardest just to get to the finish. No matter what level of fitness you’re at, effort earns respect. And when you give it your all people see that and become inspired.

It’s been recently brought to my attention that we’ve waivered away from this big part of our community. Instead of finishing the workout and then going over to cheer on our fellow athletes to the finish line, we instead put our equipment away and clean up, chit chat with others, or just call it a day and leave. With The Open starting tonight with the 18.1 Announcement, I challenge you to be there for someone in class, push hard in your WOD and then go over to help and motivate your neighbor. It can make a huge difference to them and what better time to rebuild this aspect of our community than The Welded Open.

There’s nothing cooler than a group of people cheering on someone to get that max lift or to get one more rep or to even get that very last rep. It gives me goosebumps and I know there will be plenty of it going on over the next five weeks. Good luck to everyone competing and “may the odds be ever in your favor!”