The Benefits of Olive Oil

By: Derek Wellock

So the last 7 months I have been very intentional about everything that goes into my mouth.  I have learned a lot about my body type and genetics. I learned I need more fat for my body’s metabolism to run properly.  I need about 1200 calories per day just from fat to fulfill my training and life needs. My whole life I had been more carbohydrate and protein oriented, not fat.  What I was doing was not working. Age 34 my cholesterol was in a bad place, body composition was bad, and I was not happy with my current state of health. I think everyone knows this by now.   

The more I learned about good fat, I realized it was void in my diet altogether.  I didn’t eat nuts, I hate avocado, I ate lean protein only, I never ever ate olive oil and rarely cooked with it.  Coconut oil was something I stayed away from because of taste and I don’t drink milk. There was relatively no good fat in my diet at all.  But I love peanut butter, and this was not a good fat and probably contributed to my high cholesterol some. I really really love peanut butter.   Conventional food pyramid science would suggest I was hitting it out of the park. But my personal blood work showed things to be different.

Now, because I have spent the time learning my body, I intentionally eat 120-140g of fat per day.  This is a lot of fat. I typically eat a ½ or whole avocado a day, 1-3 tablespoons of olive oil, a variety of nuts, and animal fat.  I try to only eat pasture raised, grass-fed animal fat because that is the highest source of omega 3 and good fat, plus it is all around better for the animals and environment.    

The metabolic response of fat in your diet is huge, and I suggest everyone take the time to learn how much high-quality fat you individually need in your diet to optimize your metabolism.  It takes time for sure. I learned my optimal day is 120g of fat, 200g of protein, and 100-150g of carbohydrates. My protein and fat are pretty consistent if I am training a lot or not. My carbohydrates only fluctuate up if my training is up and they are only increased around my training, and this is only because of the training I like to do, Welded.  This is all about 2600 calories per day. I have found these to be good numbers for me.

For me to hit my fat, I take 1 -3 tablespoon shots of olive oil straight somedays.  I would rather do that then eat an avocado plain for sure. I always have to mix my avocado into other things or blend it. haha  Here is a list of awesomeness about this oil.

  1. Full of Healthy Monosaturated Fat
  2. Natural antioxidant
  3. Has anti-inflammatory properties
  4. Helps to lower LDL
  5. May help with lowering the risk of Alzheimer’s
  6. Anti Cancer Properties
  7. Anti Rheumatoid arthritis
  8. Hormone support
  9. Great source of energy  

As always I recommend if you want optimal results you need to be very intentional about your food habits and what goes into your mouth.  Our nutrition program is designed to help you learn what you need in order for you to achieve the goals you are looking for. Your needs are different from my needs.  Nutrition is individual and we are here to help you succeed! Reach out [email protected] if you want to chat about any aspects of your diet.