Success is Not for The Lazy

By: Tammy Hamilton

One of my favorite quotes is, “Success is not for the lazy.” Through my own personal story, gaining 40 pounds through my pregnancy was challenging and I still struggle with not looking how I used to when I competed at regionals.  Besides being given the best blessing in the world, my son; I was also given the opportunity to overcome my own challenges with getting my body back. And let me just say, it has been a challenge!

Adopting a healthy lifestyle is not a shortcut, but rather a daily journey full of days that are better than other days.  We do Welded because it challenges us, pushes us to our mental and physical limits.  Challenges are meant to be difficult and allow everyone to discover their limits, tolerance, strengths and weaknesses in adopting healthy habits like exercising and eating right.  The work put into challenges to accomplish goals can be generalized to other goals such as finances or work.  Discipline, work ethic, and passion are characteristics no one can take away from you, but lead to healthy physical, emotional, and mental self.   Welded provides a community, and use that community to lean on for support. Take time to discover and share you reasons for doing Welded.  For me, I want be a model to myself and those I love that I have a good work ethic, resiliency, and can overcome things in life, even if they seemed impossible at times.

(Featured Photo: Ang Fontana Photography)