Retest Day: “Fight Gone Bad” (5/7/18)


Warm Up:
3 minute machine
3 Rounds (w/dumbbell or kettlebell)
5 single leg deadlift
5 single arm clean and jerks (each arm)
5 inchworms
Finish w/: 60 second supinated pull up bar hang

Strength: Snatch (every 1:15)
9×3 (drop and reset)

Welded & Welded Lean:
Retest Day:
“Fight Gone Bad”
3 Rounds
wallballs (20#/14#)
sumo deadlift high pull (75#/55#)
box jump (20″)
push press (75#/55#)
calorie row
*1 minute rest after each round
*work to get max reps for 1 minute at each movement
*test day: 3/5/18