This week’s Member Monday was chosen by Coach Dawn! Keep up the amazing work everyone!⠀

“My Member Monday goes out to all our evening Midtown MotivateU folks. Coming through the doors of Double Edge can be intimidating but you all embraced the journey and are making some serious gains in here. Watching you all grow both physically and mentally has been such a pleasure for Wes and I! Keep it up…even though the program is almost over, each of your health and fitness paths can continue to greater heights with the commitment you’ve shown the last few months.”⠀
– Coach Dawn⠀

“With busy, hectic and stressful days I look forward going to this gym every day. The coaches, staff and community at Double Edge are amazing. It’s nothing what I would of expected from a Welded gym. I have been working out on my own for four years and have seen more results in two months than that whole time on my own.”
– Mark Tabor