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Meal Prep Edition

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Set yourself up for success!
Generally we make unhealthy decisions due to convenience. Moving forward try and make it INCONVENIENT for you to eat unhealthy with our techniques below!
1- Stock the cupboards and fridge with only healthy option. If you don’t have it around it will be inconvenient for you to go and get it.
2- Use a crockpot or instapot to cook a lot of food fast. Add your spices, veggies and protein and let it cook!
3- Roast or grill proteins and veggies in large amounts.
4- Chop and store veggies and fruit in bulk.
5- Have pre-washed vegetables ready to go. (carrots, celery, cucumber, peppers)
6- Hardboiled eggs, low sugar yogurt, jerky and sliced turkey/chicken are great protein sources on the go!
7- Cook each meal with the next one in mind.
Example: If you are making dinner then have your next dinner planned out. You may find yourself making more at each meal so you are “prepped” for the very next meal.