Make Your Bed

By: Derek Wellock

I have recently read the book “Make Your Bed” by Retired Navy Seal William H. McRaven. This book is a quick read and I would suggest it to everyone because it can apply to everyone in any walk of life. One of my favorite points from the book is make your own bed. In the military you are expected to make a perfect bed every day. This habit is engrained into every soldier from the start of boot camp. The power of this habit can translate into everything you do in life but most important the rest of that day. Getting in the habit of making your bed every morning can set the tone for the rest of the day. You can literally start every single day completing your first task right when you wake up with perfection and excellence.

I would suggest picking up or downloading the book when you get a chance and reading it. It can add great value to your life. But in the meantime, if you can’t get your hands on a copy and you are reading this short blog. Start making your bed if you don’t already. Take pride in the fact you get to sleep on a bed, and choose to start your day by taking excellent care of your bed and see if it has an impact as you go about your day.

A good habit or a bad habit is created one step at a time, and by creating good rituals and habits you can create a path to success in all you do in your life.