Kendra Thompson

This week’s #DECFMonday was chosen by Coach Derek. We are truly grateful for members like Kendra!

“Kendra has been training with Jacob and myself before Double Edge was even a thought. Always doing the early morning classes and always being one of the best people to be around. When I see Kendra, I am truly humbled that she believes in what we are doing after nearly eight years of training together. She has been through many evolutions of Double Edge and still believes and trusts us to help her with her health and fitness goals. She is a consistent face at the 5AM class and I am truly grateful to call her a friend and family. Thank you Kendra, for being such. loyal and supportive member who has been such a shining light to the Double Edge Community. I look forward to many more successful years of health and fitness progress! Thank you for believing in us before we even believed in ourselves. We are truly grateful.” – Coach Derek