How to win your goals!

By: Derek Wellock

Goals vs. Vision

Goals are great and they come in hot and heavy during this time of year.  Goals set, motivation is steaming and you are ready to go. Two weeks later you get on the scale and you see you dropped 1lb. or worse no change at all.  Your goal was to lose the 5 extra pounds you gained the last month and a half. What do you do? Most people give up. Gyms are packed the first few months of the year with all kinds of fresh goals and motivation.   But by mid-February, most people have faded away.   

I truly believe in having goals, they are focus points for you to work towards.  Lots of times goals are made too big, and we have time frames for big goals that are not realistic and then all of a sudden we have slipped away from our goal and we give up.   I like to think of our life and big goals and use a vision to paint a picture of what I want out of this life. Then use small goals to stack wins and create momentum towards the vision.  

Here are some tips that can help you to start winning at your life in 2020!           

  1. Get with a coach!  When it comes to health and fitness goals, a coach can really help you set reasonable goals, discuss tradeoffs and realities, build a road map for success, and help hold you accountable for getting the work done. 
  2. Make your goals public!  By making your goals public you will have to confront your demons and work to overcome them.  Those who openly talk about their goals with their peer group I see have more success year over year than those who hide their goals.
  3. Be ok and understand you will fail and fall short.  In life, we will simply not be able to reach every goal in the time frame we set for ourselves.  It is so easy to just step away from the goal and back to our previous place of comfort. 
  4. Give up on BIG goals.  Yep.  Most goals are left behind the second a roadblock comes in the way.  Start a vision board. A vision board for your life, what you want for your life to look like can be a very powerful tool. Then every day write down 3 to 5 direct actionable tasks that can move you closer to that vision.  Commit to the fact that your day is not over till all 3-5 tasks are completed. NO MATTER WHAT. These tasks aren’t things you are supposed to be doing to be a productive member of society. These above and beyond the daily routines and rituals.  These are things that move you forward. 


    1. I vision myself being a healthy grandparent someday.
      1. Habit is taking my vitamin every day. 
      2. Direct action task.  Spend 30 minutes meditating every night to reduce stress.  

The goal with a vision board and direct action tasks are to implement more things in your day that are not routine, but instead, get you uncomfortable and move you forward.  

  1. Stack wins with small goals.  Creating momentum is vital to success.  Taking and valuing small wins every day is so important.  Be proud of your wins!   
  2. Check-in on your vision.  Undoubtedly you have tripped and fallen off course a couple of times.  New flash. This happens to everyone and it is normal to have setbacks. Life is full of peaks and valleys.  You will never stay on the peak, but you can’t let yourself get stuck in the valley. When you do your check-in your weeks and months should be a line graph that is moving up towards your vision of what you have for your life. This line graph will never be perfect.  But the trend should be positive towards your vision.   

When you look in the mirror you know the truth about what you want and your goals.  You are truly the only one who knows what you want. You have to decide if you are willing to work, grind, overcome obstacle after obstacle to achieve your goals.  You have to make that commitment to yourself and keep those commitments. As self-confidence starts to blossom and grow you will be able to use momentum and over time you will start making progress towards your vision.  But you have to be willing to paint the vision, set the small goals, and do what it takes to win.  

Some people genuinely don’t know where to begin.  This is what a coach is great for especially with navigating health and fitness goals.  There is so much bad information about health and fitness in the world. Working with an experienced, proven and knowledgeable coach can truly help you achieve your goals and stay on track.  Working with a great coach can and will help you dominate your life. We all need help, we all need support, we all need a community and that community we surround ourselves with is key to success.  

As always reach out to me or any Double Edge Coach and let us know if there is anything we can help you with.  We are here to serve you!  

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