Keep it simple!

By: Joaquin Ramirez

There is so much nutrition information out right now it can really get overwhelming when you are trying to make a change. At Double Edge we try and focus on implementing good habits that you can sustain life long! These steps may seem very basic and general but if you can make these a habit each day you will undoubtedly improve your health and fitness.

Habit #1: Eat your food (slowly)!

All too often do I hear people say that they “haven’t eaten” in however many hours. To put it simply, you need to eat! You are in the gym training and to keep your body healthy you must nourish it. By consuming your food slowly it will allow you to eat to a point where you are satisfied but not stuffed. You should walk away from the table feeling content at each meal. If you eat too fast it’s easy to overeat because you aren’t letting your hunger cues tell you where you’re at.

Action Step
Each day for an entire month eat 3-4 meals. Make it a habit!

Habit #2: DIY!

Do it yourself! This is the concept of making 75% of your meals each day from scratch. I know life can be hectic at times but you must set yourself up for success by being prepared each week! This doesn’t necessarily mean you have to meal prep every weekend, just have a plan of what you’re going to cook and eat each day. Don’t make excuses! Make this happen.

Action Step
Each day make 75% of your meals from scratch. Make it a habit!

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