Information here!

By: Kris Thompson

Hey guys, I just wanted to take some time to go over the different avenues that we use to get information out to you.

Your Coaches: Your coaches are probably the best source of information in terms of all things Double Edge, from workouts, to gym news, nutrition, and everything in between. Use us!

The Blog: You can find our blog on our website or by clicking this link. This one might be obvious, because you’re reading one of our blog posts right now, but here you can find:
Coaches Corner – Where your coaches take some time to talk about various topics (mindset, life, workouts, movements, etc.)
Featured Athlete – Each week we highlight one of our great members and share a little bit about them
Latest WODs – These are posted 5:30PM the night before
Nutrition – Great spot to check out nutrition specific information from our Nutritional Coaches, Tammy and Joaquin.
Gym News – Stay up to date with gym events and other news.
Lastly, did you know that you can subscribe to the blogs? Yup! There’s a small bar to the right of every blog page that you can add your email to and every time a blog is published it will be delivered to your inbox so you’ll never miss out!

Bathroom News: If you’ve used any of the bathrooms at Double Edge you might have noticed these gems posted on the backs of the stall doors or above the urinals, what better way to spend your time in the restroom?

Social Media: If you aren’t following us on our Facebook, Instagram  or Snap Chat then you’re missing out. You’ll see more gym happenings, Saturday WODs, Ladies Night posts, you might even see yourself in our Instagram Story. We love to see what everyone else is doing with their fitness whether it be in or out of the gym, don’t forget to tag Double Edge so we can see and share your stories.

Hope this helps keep you guys in the know!