Immune Boost

By: Trent Soares

As you may remember from a few of my recent post I have been on this kick to boost my immunity. Living with a toddler who loves to put her hands into her mouth, we are constantly fighting germs in our household. Recently I have been getting sick out of the ordinary. Which influenced me to try bone broth, and cold shower. With the temperature dropping to 15 degrees the second one has been eliminated from my routine.

Although in perfect timing I was introduced to “Immune Boost” by Xendurance. I started the supplement with breakfast and dinner and have noticed great results. Today marks 2 months that I have been taking the multi-vitamin and I have not been sick once. It was assuring that my daughter, and son had an accumulation of 4 colds in-between, and even my wife (who I have only known to be sick once in our 7 years of knowing each other) got sick but I didn’t catch any bugs. To me, it is important to keep healthy for a number of reasons. To keep up with my fatherly duties, to inspire members daily, and to push my fitness level to new limits. Especially following the Welded methodology which at times wears down the nervous system. It is vital to have good supplementation.

Immune Boost has all the staples such as vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, but where they stand out is the phytonutrients. This steady nutrient support helps specifically upkeep the immune system. It is scientifically proven that Immune Boost protects from free radical damage which leads to big picture things such as cancer, heart diseases, and arthritis.

I have taken many multi-vitamins in the past, but I truly believe that the reason this one works so well is because of the quality that Xendurance provides. It’s with this and their other products that they take it to the next level of supplementation. As a husband, father, coach, athlete and friend I cannot take days off. Immune Boost allows me to stay on the grind towards my goals inside and outside the gym. If you have any questions about Immune Boost, any other Xendurance products, or ways to enhance the immunity system I would to talk to you about it.