Fitness Industry Stoups to a New Low

By Derek Wellock

This past weekend I was watching the news and they had a fitness segment about how you can change your health and body with this easy to follow program.  As it is my job, I tuned in and watched…. Immediately after I was pissed off.

It started with the ever so famous quote “In only 3 minutes a day you can get a body like this.”  WTF.  3 minutes?  Then I was thinking ok, Grace is about 3 minutes, Fran is less then 3 minutes, there are a lot of 3 minute Welded workouts that will leave you laying on the floor and breathing hard for hours after!  But they took the industry to a whole new low.  This program was just as bad as the Shake Weight, the Ab belt, Prancersice, and many other pieces of shit ideas that do NOT produce anything other than a feel good burn..

So, to complete their program you stand and hold your knee waist high and kick your leg for 25 reps each side,  do it to the other side,  step forward and backwards, and then I turned the channel off and decided to blog about it.

There is no easy substitute for hard work. Period.  Our culture wants the quick and easy fix to being fat and out of shape and the sad thing is people can come up with stupid ideas like this and scam people out of their money. Hard work and dedication to a lifestyle is how you make a difference to your body.  You can’t replace sitting all day, eating like crap, and expect 1-hour a day to fix everything, especially not 3 minutes a day.  You need to make healthy choices way more often than unhealthy choices, you need to exercise intensely for an hour a day 5 days a week, and move your body even on the days you don’t go to the gym.  We are not meant to be sedentary, and that is what is killing us.

Don’t look for the quick fix, look for the lifestyle that allows you to live healthy.  Surround yourself with people who help you make good choices.  Be a part of a community which promotes a healthy lifestyle and absolutely do not look for an infomercial that promises fitness model results in 3 minutes.





Warm Up:

3 Rds: 15 KBS, 15 air squats, 5 inch worms

1 Minute Each Side Lateral Hip Distraction



5×4 Back Squat @75%
Every 90 seconds






14 Min AMRAP
50 DU
40/30 Cal Alt. Machine
30 Box Jumps 24/20
20 Shoulder to OH 95/65
10 Front Rack Lunges 95/65


Welded Lean

14 Min AMRAP
50 Ab Mat Situps
40/30 Cal Alt. Machine
30 Meb Ball Slams 20/16
20 DB Lunges 40/25
10 DB Push Press 40/25


Mobility of the day: First Rib Mobilization (pg. 246)

Improves: Shoulder Pain, Overhead Position




8 to 9am




  • Sled pull and push
  • Leg accessories




6:30 to 8pm With Coach Leo