Eating Like “Normal”

By: Joaquin Ramirez
This time of year it is easy to get off track with all the holiday parties and potlucks. I want to be the first to tell you that it’s okay! When it comes to good nutrition there is a balance we are looking for throughout the year. Now, this doesn’t mean you “save” up your cheat meals for the year and go nuts on a certain day either.
 Instead shoot for 80%, this means that you should be eating healthy, nutritious meals 80% of the time at LEAST. The other 20% is free for you to enjoy some of the things you like, which may include things like pumpkin pie or a holiday cookie.
After the holidays it’s also very easy to throw everything out the window and commit to the strictest diet ever. This is not the ideal situation because once again we are going all in and let’s be honest only 2% of the people that go all in on a diet actually sustain it. Instead we should commit to making small changes for an overall lifestyle change to keep us healthy throughout our life. It is a process, it won’t happen overnight and understanding your balance is the key to your success! Commit to being a “normal” eater!
Normal Eating Mentality
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We want to try and get away from “Don’t do this” and replace it with “Let’s try this”. Change the approach that food is either good or bad. Try and see food as fuel or pleasure and know that there is a balance between the two. If you are someone who needs more fuel than simply add more and reduce the pleasure foods.
Eating like normal means that there is NO emotional attachment to food. Sure you may find certain foods pleasurable but it should not change or have control of your emotional state. Keep food in it’s place, don’t let it own you like that.
Normal eaters have a firm grasp on the concept of how food choices relate to health and performance. Being a normal eater means you take ownership for what you put into your mouth every single day. Understanding which nutrition is and isn’t appropriate for good health and performance is essential in normal nutrition.
Normal eating behaviors include things as simple as eating when you’re hungry or eating to fuel and not eating to satisfy cravings or boredom. If you are eating like normal you may or may not choose to satisfy a certain craving BUT you do so in appropriate amounts and don’t overindulge.
If you want to begin to eat like normal our proven virtual nutrition program is the perfect start to get you on track! This program will guide and teach you how to make the lifestyle change necessary for optimal health and performance that WILL stick throughout your life.
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