Drop and Give Me 20

By: Trent Soares

I have deeply enjoyed my experience with the “reps of discipline challenge”. Along with the social aspect of doing push-ups with friends, a nice chest pump, and getting better at a weakness. I have come across another benefit. Recently on a Tuesday morning my son woke up crying around 2:40am. His bottom chomppers were coming in hot and causing him pain. After getting him settled down I had the choice of either going back to bed for thirty minutes or getting my day start half an hour earlier. I went with option number 2 with the goal of finishing all 150 pushups before the 5am class begun.

There was actually a lot of work that needed to be done at the gym for the workout with setting up the machines before 5am began so it kind of worked out perfectly. After finishing 100 pushups at home I got dressed and noticed that I was pretty well energized and actually skipped my morning cup of joe. There was more than enough time to get to the gym, set up the equipment and knock out the last set of 50 if you were worried that I didn’t meet the time cap, but moral of the story is that before you reach for that K-Cup maybe “drop and give me 20”.

Since this experience I have incorporated it into my morning routine. After I hit my alarm clock on my watch I rollover and do a set up 25 pushups. Which in respect is tough, but not to crazy. My max set is 44, so it would be like doing 50% of that for your personal max set. After I get dressed I hit another set of 25. When I make my way down stairs before I set up my Kurig for some coffee I hit another set of 25. Most times than not I have been actually skipping my morning cup of joe after these 75 total pushups and it puts me halfway to my daily challenge. I noticed that I have been consistent with it because when our Amazon auto shipment of starbucks breakfast blend k-cups came in, when still had 4 boxes left. Except the day after 19.5, I needed 2 cups just to make it to my truck!

So maybe tomorrow morning the first thing you need to try is “drop and give me 20”, feeling groggy at work “drop and give me 20”, or maybe see an attractive person “drop and give me 20”.