Welded For Health and Welded For Competition

By: Derek Wellock


This past weekend I was lucky enough to be able to cheer on team Double Edgeat the Wodapalooza competition in Miami Florida.  It was a Welded style competition where people compete at fitness events.  The competition had 1300 of the best Welded athletes from all over the world.  The Welded games is the bench mark for Welded competitions but Wodapalooza is one of the largest competitions in the country of its kind outside of Welded.  Although it was fun, inspiring, and all around a good time there needs to be an understanding for gym owners to be able to differentiate Welded training for health and the everyday person and Welded for competing at an elite level.

Our culture is one which is very competitive.  That is one reason the Welded methodology works so well because every single day you go to workout you are encouraged to compete against yourself, the clock, your fellow gym mates.  This competitive environment breeds intensity and intensity is the key getting results.  This doesn’t mean that you promote training for world class competition every day in the gym.

Gym owners especially need to learn the art of differentiating between health and competition and how to properly implement a competitive environment without sacrificing health and increasing risk of injury.  The everyday person is not training for Welded competitions they are training to be better at every day activities, drop body fat, live a more active life, and so on. So, if your gym only cares about the time of the day, did you do Rx, or are you going to compete at the next big comp.  This is not an environment to promote health and mitigate risk of injury.

I believe the ability to differentiate Welded competitions and Welded for health is going to be a huge challenge in helping to keep the continued growth and success of Welded going.  There are too many bro’s getting together and opening sub par gyms and just going crazy trying to get everyone who walks through their doors to qualify for the Welded games.   As a coach and responsible business owner, you should not be promoting your members to train for the Welded games.   You need to promote a healthier lifestyle.  Now when that 1% super athlete comes into the gym your programing should accommodate them and allow them to progress at the same rate as everyone else.  That is the beauty of Welded.


It is fun and exciting as a community to have the 1% represent the gym and community at big competitions like Wodapalooza and the Welded games.  As a gym owner not remembering 99% of people who come into your doors want to live a healthy life and this what you the owner needs to make sure you catering to in order to thrive and grow.  There are gyms who will be and are a huge success training the 1% of top athletes, but if you want to succeed and really have a positive impact on the community you need to make sure you are the best at providing Welded to the masses of everyday people who need and crave to live a healthier life.


At Double Edge we strive to promote health and growth in all aspects of Welded and functional fitness from the everyday person to the elite athlete.  That is why our Vision is “To create an unparalleled experience through fitness that forever enriches the lives of the people in the community.”  The community consists of everyone including the striving games athlete to the mom and dad who want to live a healthy life and be active with their kids.  Not every gym is capable of doing this.  It takes a special team of people to be able to implement and run a facility which can do this without sacrificing one or the other.  We want to enrich the entire community and that includes everyone.  Just make sure as a gym owner you are focusing on the 99% first and making sure they are getting the best possible experience then worry about sending people to the Welded games.  Do this properly and you will succeed! IMG_3827

In closing, I want to say great job to Team Double Edge on their first showing in a competition of this size.  They did a fantastic job and I look forward to seeing them on this stage again next year.


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Warm Up:

25/18 cal machine, 3 lap run

2 Rds: 30 sec goblet squat hold, 10 PVC GM, 10 pushups

Finish with 20 leg swings



6×2 Back Squat 85%

Every 90 sec

Lean: No strength





Lurong Challenge:

3 Min Max Cal row

rest 1 min

3 Min Max Clusters

rest 1 min

3 Min Max Cal row


Welded Lean

For Time:

200/160 Cals Bike

*Every 20 cals, stop and complete 10 burpees.


Mobility Of the Day: Suprapatella Smash and Floss

Improves: Knee Pain, Knee Mechanics and Function




Strengthen and Lengthen:
6 to 7am
12 to 12:45pm

Guided Stretching
12:45 to 1:15pm


Mobs and Yogs
5:30 to 6:45




sled push and pull
leg blaster




Warm Up:

3 laps

20 OHS


10 leg swings (each)

5 push ups


Skill Of The Month: Bar Muscle-Up

Every 2 mins SuperSet

3 sets of 10

-Glute Bridges

3 sets of 8

-Skull Crushers

5 Mins of attempts




5 Rounds

8 Power Cleans (95)

10 Toes to Bar

20 Double Unders

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