Continuing Welded while pregnant update

Two things- First, I apologize that I haven’t had more updates through the pregnancy; I had hoped to write more blogs with my progress. Second, I want to thank everyone at the gym who have been extremely encouraging as I continue to attempt to work out… and keep moving. It has been very motivating for baby and myself.

I am now going on 33 weeks. To update those who may become pregnant and are curious how the progression will affect them, through my second trimester, I felt really good still. I truly feel that continuing to workout throughout my pregnancy has kept my energy levels up. I’m not as quick as I used to be, but of course things progressively slow down. I stopped doing cleans, jump rope, and continued to avoid lifting or squatting heavy weight. I was still running, well jogging, short distances and felt ok. I think it depends on if you were a runner before you got pregnant. Again, every woman is different but I feel as though my belly really started to grow towards the end of my second trimester. This made some movements uncomfortable. My suggestion is modify as much as you need to. There are plenty of items to substitute, and the coaches at Double Edge are great at helping with this as well.

My third trimester has mostly good days and a few bad days. Some days I feel really good working out, other days are more of a struggle. My suggestion is listen to your body. I know on days I push myself too much physically, I feel very fatigued the rest of the day. I stopped running, because as any pregnant woman can tell you, bouncing becomes uncomfortable, and you will be running to use the restroom every 5 seconds! Also, I avoid any movement where you lay on your back-this can be unsafe for mom and baby, and unfortunately- most ab workouts are too uncomfortable. Plank seems to be ok still. I still do the Assault Bike, rowing, skier, modified pushups, wall-balls, deadlifts-light weight, any upper body movement- like push press, row or tricep extensions. I can still do kettle bell swings, and light squats. Though they are exhausting, I really enjoy doing wall balls and kettle bell swings still, because they are very comfortable to do.

Though my activities are becoming limited, I’m really glad I’ve kept up my workout routine. I still try to workout 4-5 times a week. Honestly, doing “normal” activities makes me feel less pregnant, less uncomfortable. Plus, again the constant encouragement from fellow gym members and trainers has been amazing.

We have several weeks left, but my plan is to continue to do light activities and workouts until the end. Hopefully I’ll have one more update before baby comes!