Cody Burch

This week’s Featured Athlete was chosen by Coach Joaquin! Thanks for being such an awesome part of our DE Community!

“My DECFMONDAY goes to my main man Cody! This dude always comes in with a fantastic attitude! He is very welcoming and friendly to both new and seasoned members. He comes in ready to grind each day and truly makes an effort to improve. We love having you in this community and I’m excited to watch you grow. Keep partying pal! 🤙🏼” – Coach Joaquin

“Double Edge has become my second home. I started in January and haven’t looked back since. Coming to the gym is the highlight of my day and I look forward to challenging and bettering myself through each WOD. Although I’ve only been here a short time, I’ve made lifelong friendships. All the coaches and members have been incredibly welcoming and I’m honored to be apart of this community. I’m stoked to see what the future holds!” – Cody Burch