We’re testing today! If you are new or need a refresher as to what test/retest days are and why we do them check out Coach Joaquin’s original post on the topic by clicking here.

This is our first of our special coach named workouts where each of our coaches added their own flavor and created a benchmark workout all their own, today we test “Alvie.”


Warm Up:
90 second banded front rack stretch
5 minute AMRAP
8 tempo air squats (3 seconds down, up fast)
4 strict pull ups/8 ring rows
10 Russian kettlebell swings

Strength: Front Squats (every 1:40)
Welded & Welded Lean: 5×3 @80%

Welded & Welded Lean:
8 minute AMRAP

15 push press (95#/65#)
15 toes to bar
15 front squats (95#/65#)
15 calorie bike
Scaled: knee raises/AbMat situps
Immediately followed by:
6 minutes to find 1 rep max clean