Workout for Thursday, October 27th


By: Joaquin Ramirez


Double Edge Fitness will be implementing some new exciting twists to the upcoming programming for 2017. As many of you know we do the 1 rep max testing on most of our strength lifts, but one thing we haven’t had in our programming is retesting our fitness in metcons. One of the new things to look forward to is our test/retest program. These workouts will be twice a month with the first falling on the first Monday of the month and the other on the last Wednesday of the month. We know not every one can come every day so we wanted to give those people a chance to partake. My people who primarily do Lean workouts do not stress. Both workouts will be different! One of them will include more complex movements with that barbell I know all of you love and the other will be longer, more bodyweight and endurance type workouts. It is very important to test all domains of fitness to see where we are falling short. The results will be recorded and on that retest day there will be a printed sheet with every ones names and times on the whiteboard at both gyms so if you hop back and forth you’re covered!

Most of the workouts will be benchmark or girl workouts, sprinkled in with some common named and or hero workouts such as fight gone bad, the chief, 2K row for time etc. Another exciting thing is we had all coaches at Double Edge write up their own named workout that will also be tossed in the mix. That way you can get a feel for each coach’s flavor, style and favorite movements. We also wanted to give all of you the opportunity to tell your coach how bad you beat them at their named workout.

Lastly, for this program there will be rewards for doing well and improving. At the end of next year we will award the top male and female across all workouts as well as the most improved male and female who will then get the chance to sit down with the lead programmers of Double Edge and make up their own named workout that will be added to the pot!! Yes this means that you will have your very own workout in the programming at Double Edge. The test/retest program results will be analyzed so we can show all of you not only your individual improvements but also the improvements of the DE community both midtown and south as one.


Things to Remember:

-The FIRST Monday and LAST Wednesday of every month will be Test or Retest days and then two months later they will be retested

– One workout will be more dynamic and complex with plenty of barbell the other will be more endurance and bodyweight gymnastic type workouts this way we can test all areas of fitness not just who moves the bar the best or who can run best.

– LOG these workouts!! Not only in Train Heroic but also write it down.

-DO NOT sandbag either the test or the retest you are not doing yourself any favors you will know it is coming ahead of time so be prepared. Eat well, sleep well and do your mobility.

Come in on these days ready to rock! Bring your heart and bust your ass so you can see just how much you really can improve with a little hard work and determination. Good Luck and I look forward to seeing all of your improvements!!




Group Class Workout


Warm Up:

2 minutes on a machine (75%) , 20 air squats

Pushup Circle Warm up! (3-5 mintues)

Finish with: 20 arm circles, 20 PVC pass throughs, 20 PVC good mornings




Welded: bench press 5×7 (every 2:15)

Welded Lean: no strength





Partner WOD

8 minute AMRAP

P1: row for max calories

P2: 12 dumbbell snatches (50#/35#) + 10 front squats (115#/80#)

rest 2 minutes

8 minute AMRAP

P1: max calorie bike

P2:  8 burpees to a plate + 8 shoulder to overhead (115#/80#)

Score 1 Total Cals

Score 2 Total Reps


Welded Lean:

7 Rounds

1 minute max wallballs (20#/14#, 10’/9′)

30 second rest

1 minute max sit ups

30 second rest

1 minute AMRAP 5 ring rows + 5 push-ups

30 second rest



Mobility Of the Day: Glute Smash (pg. 300)

Improves: Lower back and hip pain, “knee out” position