Alex Ficco

This week’s Member Monday was chosen by Coach Kris! Keep crushin’ it Alex!⠀

“This week my #DECFMonday goes to Alex Ficco. Alex has been with Double Edge for about 8 months and in that time has made significant gains. He comes 6 days a week, works hard during class and puts a lot of time into his recovery, spending at least an hour everyday mobilizing and stretching after class. There are very few people that are as disciplined and dedicated to their health and fitness as Alex is and it’s great to be around. Keep up the awesome work and thanks for being a part of the Double Edge Community!” – Coach Kris⠀

“I started at Double Edge in October 2018 and love it. It’s a great way to start off my day everyday at the 6:30 class at Dirty South. It’s a huge challenge daily, both mentally and physically. The members and coaches have been awesome, super grateful for all of them welcoming me into the community. Pumped to keep improving and compete in my first competition this year.” – Alex Ficco⠀