A Challenge From Me to You

By: Jacob Wellock

The weather is warming up and I know everyone loves the temperature and the good vibes that summer brings. With that said I have some challenges for you to try and complete.

Challenge 1:
Do one of your favorite summer activities at least twice a month, if not all of them. Mountain biking, paddle boarding, go to a sporting event, etc.

Challenge 2:
Take a sheet of notebook paper and write down one thing that you are grateful for every morning. Try and keep the time consistent everyday. For example, every morning you get out of bed.

Challenge 3:
Try and put the phone down. Social media is very much a part of most of our lives. It can be a great tool for certain things, but can eat away much more time than we realize. I read a recent article on the power of social media and the hold it has on people. The average person will spend 5+ years through the course of their life staring at their phone. That is crazy to think about!

Challenge 4:
If you decide to put the phone down, maybe you even schedule a time every week where you might be on your phone and take that 10-15 minutes to write down your thoughts. This could be creative thinking for what you want to accomplish, for your job, for your sport, almost a rough draft of ideas to make you a better person.

Challenge 5:
Live your life. Strive to do the things you want, get rid of the things that make you unhappy, be the best person you can be for those around you, and mitigate your stress. It is incredibly easy to go down the rabbit hole of stress always trying to do something, but never really doing anything.

My final thought for this is:
Maybe we focus on doing less and in turn will be doing more by putting down the phones, realizing what we are grateful for, partake in the things that we enjoy, truly think freely to better ourselves, and by refusing to partake in the societal norm of just being “busy” for the sake of being busy rather than being productive and make a difference.

Enjoy life, it is our greatest gift and we get to decide what to do with it.