5 Things I Wish I Would Have Known Growing Up (11/17)

Many of us look back and reflect on our lives as we get older. We learn from our personal experiences from childhood and we often will parent similar to the way our own parents raised us. Reflecting back on my childhood there are few things I wish I would have been more aware of. One day when I’m a parent, I hope I can instill these things in my own children.
A few things I wish I would have known growing up:
1. The little things you are stressing over at this exact moment aren’t going to matter a year from now.
2. Listen. Listening is often overlooked. We teach children to speak but we don’t teach them how to listen. Listening is a beautiful thing.
3. Let go of things and people who don’t serve you. If someone is treating you bad simply let them go. It’s not worth it.
4. Take a deep breath and enjoy the little things. Time goes by so fast and we often forget to enjoy every second of it.
5. Love and respect your elders. We often forget that as we are growing older, so are our parents or loved ones. Don’t ever take for granted the chance to tell them you love them or spend a little extra time with them. Time is one of the most valuable things, and it is taken for granted all too often.

Group Class Workout:

Warm Up:

2 minutes on a machine

Dynamic Warm Up (4-6 minutes)

Finish with: 20 arm circles, 15 PVC pass throughs, 15 PVC good mornings


Strength: Push Press (every 1:30)

Welded: 7×3 @ 75-80% of 1 rep max

Welded Lean: No strength




20 minute partner AMRAP

40/30 calorie row

20 box jumps

15 thrusters (115#/75#)

Adv: 155#/105#


Welded Lean:

100 calorie ski

100 overhead plate lunges (25#/15#)

100 calorie bike

1 mile run

*40 minute time cap


Mobility of the Day: Glute Smash (pg. 300)

Improves: Lower back and hip pain, “knee out” position.


Skills Class4:30PM at Midtown

Triceps & biceps


Ladies Night: 6:30PM at Midtown

Warm Up:

Monkeying around

20 air squats, 15 KB swings, 10 burpees


Skill of Month: Back Squat

4 sets of 10

Belt Squats

Finish off with 4 sets of prowler sprints




hang power cleans


push jerk


calorie bike