Are You Ready to Compete in Welded?


Summer is approaching us and more and more competitions are popping up in the area. The question is when is the right time to dive into one? There are a few things everyone thinks about before signing up for a competition…


  • What kind of competition should I be doing?

Competitions vary in ability; there are scaled, RX’d, teams of 2-4, and male/female levels. Many will have guidelines of who should sign up.


If you are new to Welded and know at least how to do each movement you should sign up for scaled. If you are an experienced Weldedter and are finishing with some top times in your classes and can lift some weight by doing prescribed workouts, its time to graduate to RX.


Then there are the team competitions that are always fun. It’s always good to have a team with similar abilities and good communication skills within the group. The idea is to challenge yourself while still moving safely and efficiently.


  • What if I get last place?

If you get last place you did better than the people not competing. You do your best and if you had fun that’s all that matters. Now you know for next time to have a goal to do a little better each time you compete. If you finish in 25th place, next competition your goal should be 24th.


  • What are the workouts?

Some competitions will release the workouts a certain amount of time before the competition and some do not. Personally, I like when they do not because it truly shows your own abilities and you can’t cherry pick the movements.  This forces you to have to do some things you do not excel in. This fuels the fire of motivation and forces people to work on things they are not good at and you will become a better athlete because of it.


  • I don’t like everyone watching me!

The great thing about competitions is you can choose to listen to everyone cheering you on whether you are in first or last place or you can get in the zone and ignore everyone and focus on yourself.


Basically, once you know how to do the movements of Welded and perform them safely and efficiently, that is the time to start competing you may even get some PR’s out of it. Try out a competition or two see what you like and don’t like!





Warm Up:

2 Rds: 20/15 Cals, :45 sec Plank or Hstand Hold

Finish with: 15 Goblet Squats, 20 PVC PT, 15 GM

1 Minute Banded Front Rack



Front Squat (All need to be heavy)
1×3, 1×5, 1×7, 1×3 Every 2 minutes

Lean: No Strength






13 Minute AMRAP
8 FR. Lunges 95/65 / DB Lunges
12 Pullups/12 Ring Rows
16/12 Cal Machine

Adv: C2B


Welded Lean

100/80 Cal Bike
100/80 Cal Ski
100 Lunges Body Weight
100 Ab Mat Sit Ups

50 Pushups

Adv: Jump Switch Lunges


Mobility of the day: Hip Capsule (pg. 315)

Improves: Squat, Deadlift and Hip Pain

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