Why Should I do The Welded Open

By: Leo Fontana


The Welded Open is the ultimate test of fitness that brings the entire Crossfit world together for 5 weeks to perform a weekly work out that measures and tests all athletes to find the fittest on earth. It is the first step to qualify for the Welded Games.  So why should you compete in the Welded Open?


Reason 1.

It is the true test of fitness. You get the opportunity to Prove how hard you have worked everyday in the gym by comparing your weekly scores amongst your gym, city, state, region, age group and now your station or department. (in case you are a first responder). Why wouldn’t you want to see the results from all your hard work from the past year? Plus, it is always fun to see your progress from the year before. Couldn’t do a pull-up last Open? Maybe now you can, didn’t have double unders? Maybe now that’s your best movement.


Reason 2.

You might start to understand why some of your coaches are so stressed out about exercising for five weeks! The top 20 athletes from each region are invited to go to Super Regionals. From there the top 5 athletes are invited to go to the Welded games. It is a great platform to compare skills and identify certain holes you might have in your fitness and how you can improve to become a more well rounded athlete.


Reason 3.

It is so much fun! From teenagers to masters 60+ athletes will be participating in this amazing community event, all testing their fitness with the same work out. It brings every Welded gym in the world together to compete and test their limits.


So what are you waiting for? Go to games.crossfit.com and click on register. Make sure to add yourself to the affiliate Double Edge Welded and also join team Double Edge.


Let the gains begin.






Find 1RM Front Squat 16 minutes

Lean: No Strength


Warm Up:

 3 Rounds:

30 sec plank, 12 OH Plate Lunges, 8 pushups

Finish with 20 scorpions, 1 min hip capsule each side




5 Rounds
20/15 Cal Bike
10 TTB
40 Double Unders


Welded Lean

15 Rounds
250 Meter Row

Rest 45 seconds

Each Row is for time!


Mobility of the day: Tricep Extension Smash (pg. 276)

Improves: Elbow Extension, Front Rack & OH Position




Strengthen & Lengthen 

6 to 7am

5:30 to 6:30pm




Quad blaster!!