4 Tips To Healthy Psoas

A majority of us have little to no idea what the psoas is or what it actually does. Truth is, that it is the most important skeletal muscle in the human body, and its tightness could be the cause for the lower back pain you may be feeling during a workout or even something you feel throughout your day. Knowing what/where the Psoas is and how to keep it healthy, could be the difference between a pain free psoas or developing low back pain at some point in your life, which is the single leading cause of disability worldwide. Yeah I know, bullshit right?



The psoas major muscle, also known as the “hidden prankster”, contributes to the role of the hip flexors. It’s the only muscle that connects the upper extremity to the lower extremity (the spine to the legs).  Its primary role is hip flexion (pulls torso toward thigh) and secondarily, it assists in lateral rotation of the hip! Basically, it plays a huge role in how our body performs FITNESS for us.

Here are 4 ways we can achieve the goal of a healthy psoas:

  1. Yoga is said to be a great tool for helping strengthen and relieve tension in the psoas. Many of the poses in yoga will assist in lengthening through hip extension and strengthening through stabilizing posture.
  2. MOBILITY! Take the time to perform a few easy, sometimes uncomfortable stretches, before and after your workout to stay healthy. Most common being (stretching lunge, couch stretch, using KB to smash tissue). If you aren’t sure how to perform any of these stretches. Please ask any of the coaches!
  3. Sit less throughout the day! Be active!
  4. Pilates or other core strengthen exercises. The stronger your core is the less your psoas will have to work!





Warm Up:

3 lap run

3Rds: 12 lunges OH with plate, 5 burpees, 12 air squats

1 minute each side Lateral Hip Distraction



5×4 Back Squat Every 2 minutes
Adv: Same weight every set (heavy) challenge yourself.





For Time:
1 Mile on Bike/650 m Row
DL 135/95
Pull Ups
Adv: Unbroken


Welded Lean

For Time:
1 Mile on Bike/ 650 m Row
DL 135/95
Plank to Pushup
Adv: Unbroken


Mobility of the day: Reverse Ballerina (pg. 337)
Improves: Hip Extension, Hip Internal Rotation




8 to 9am




  • Hand Stand walk practice
  • Shoulder accessories