3 Ways to Compete Better Starting Today

By: Trent Soares

As a community filled with fitness driven individuals here at Double Edge we have many traits in common, one of them being competitive. Healthy competition can help with motivation; it can give us that extra effort to perform at a higher level than we may have done otherwise alone. There are many forms that this can take place in, here are a few


With the measurable and obtainable methodology of Welded, it is easy to keep track of progress and scores especially. With the train heroic app that we utilize here at Double Edge Fitness, there is no excuse. Find a friend or frenemy and challenge them class after class to see who’s fitter because bragging rights go a long way in Welded. Even put a little prize on it to add some initiative. At the end of the month whoever has the most wins makes the loser put their weight and barbell away for the next month. It can add fun and excitement to the grueling workouts and give us that drive to reach for one more rep. I have personal success with friendly motivation, from an athletic background I hate to lose. So it gives me that extra push with friends to pick up the bar quicker than I would personally do with no one watching.

2. Random

Got a fitness idol on instagram? There’s your competition! Setting realistic goals is going to be our safest bet here, but maybe saying that we can get half the rounds that Rich Froning Jr got in “Cindy” will help us strive for better. Random person in class? They don’t have to know that you are trying to crush them in the metcon today. Set your equipment right across of them and give them a dirty look when they start to get ahead of you.

3. Personal

Compete with yourself. Ultimately no one can put in the work for you. It has to be a personal decision to become a healthy member of society. Doesn’t mean that we can’t be competitive, still take those wins and loses. Give yourself a cheat day, but only if you eat clean Monday through Friday. I was fortunate to lose 20lbs in 5 weeks. With the help of the paleo challenge and lots of baby weight to shed, I allowed myself a cheat meal reward every Friday. It gave me the light at the end of the tunnel to succeed.

All this talked about competition is getting me fired up to watch all of our Double Edge members and coaches compete at Scheels this weekend. Make sure you guys show your support this Saturday starting at 9am. Good luck to all the athletes, See you there!





Warm Up:

3 Rds: 15 Med ball Slams, , 15 Air Squats

Finish with: 1 Min Goblet Squat Hold, 15 PVC PT, GM



Back Squats 3×10 50-75% Every 2:15 min

Go off how your body feels.

Lean: No Strength





12 Min AMRAP
40 DU
10 Hang Power Cleans 95/65
10 Bar Facing Burpees

Adv: Fat Bar 115/75

Fat bar weighs 20lbs.


Welded Lean

7 Rounds:
200m run
12 Burpees
15 V-ups
12 Cal Machine


Mobility Of the Day: Adductor Smash (pg. 340)

Improves: Knee, Back and Hip Pain. Knee Out Position




Strengthen & Lengthen
6 to 7am

7 to 8am



Pull ups

Back accessory