2K Row Retest (1/6/17)

Click here to see Coach Jacob’s programming walk through for the week where he goes over each workout and how to attack it for optimal efficiency!

You’re not going to want to miss class today as it’s a “retest” day! If you are new or need a refresher as to what test/retest days are and why we do them check out Coach Joaquin’s original post on the topic by clicking here.


Warm Up:
20/15 calorie machine
90 second pigeon stretch (each side)
30 walking lunges
15 goblet squats (heavy)
25 banded good mornings
20 scorpions
10 groiners
15 PVC pass throughs

Strength: Back Squat (every 1:30)
Strength:  7×1 @ 90%
Technique: 7×4 @ a moderate weight

Welded & Welded Lean:
For time:

2K Row


SPEEDFIT (Midtown 6AM)

Warm Up:
dynamic warm up

For Time:
2K ski
100/80 calorie bike