2017 Weldedter Gift Guide

By: Kris Thompson

Christmas is right around the corner and sometimes finding the right gift for your favorite Weldedter(s) can become quite a chore! So I’ve compiled a gift guide with some of my favorite products and where to find them so you can buy the Weldedter in your life a gift that they’ll both love and use a lot. Just click the underlined titles above each picture for links.

SHOES: The most basic thing you need to get your WOD on, shoes! They come in all sorts of styles and colors, here are some great picks for Welded:

Nike MetCon

(photo: Nike)
Reebok Nano

(photo: Footwear News)
NoBull Trainers

(photo: NoBull Project)

WEIGHTLIFTING SHOES: If you want to get serious about your Olympic Weightlifting or need some help with mobility in the bottom of a squat, lifters are a great thing to add to your wish list:

Nike Romaleos

(photo: Nike)
Reebok Lifters

(photo: As Many Reviews As Possible)
Adidas Adipower

(photo: Adidas)

WRIST WRAPS: Do your wrists hurt being in a front rack or sending the bar overhead, wrist wraps can be a real life saver.


(photo: Dermalicious)
*Dermalicous also makes the wrist wraps, Callus Quench and Ice Tube that we sell at both of our locations it is also owned and operated by one of our members, so feel free to #shoplocal.

JUMP ROPE: If you want to stop doing twice as many singles and burpees instead of the prescribed double unders then it might be a good idea to have a jump rope to practice at home with.

Rx Smart Gear

(photo: Rx Smart Gear)
RPM Jump Ropes

(photo: Berzerker Fitness)

WEIGHT BELT: Need something to brace against when you’re hitting your one rep maxes?


(photo: Harbinger)

(photo: Welded Store)
Unbroken Designs

(photo: Unbroken Designs)
2Pood Performance

(photo: 2Pood Performance)

HAND GRIPS: If you want to work on pull up, toe to bar or bar muscle up capacity but you constantly tear or your hands hurt, try some hand grips. I’m personally a fan of the “carbon comp” grips from Bear Komplex (pictured below).

Bear Komplex

(photo: Bear Komplex)

KNEE SLEEVES: Need some extra support and keep your knees warm every time you squat? Check these out!


(photo: Bar Bend)

(photo: Rogue Fitness)

LOG BOOK: Want to keep track of your workouts in a little more detail? Try a log book, I just got my first Gym Gypsy log book and am really excited to use it. It’s a subscription so you get a new one every 3 months with a different cover each time.

WOD book

(photo: Sport Journals)

(photo: JournalMenu)
Gym Gypsy

(photo: Gym Gypsy)

WEIGHT VEST: Memorial Day will be here in a little over 5 months so you better get that “Murph” training started, but don’t forget your weight vest so you can do it Rx!

5.11 Tactical

(photo: Rogue Fitness)
*Weight plates do not come with the vest, those will have to be purchased separately through Rogue Fitness.
Unbroken Designs

(photo: Unbroken Designs)

There you have it! My Gift Guide for this year, now all you have to do is send this to everyone you know and maybe you’ll get the whole list! Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions about any of the products I’ve mentioned, I don’t claim to be an expert but I do shop a lot. 😜

Happy holidays, we can’t wait to see everyone this weekend at the Christmas Party!