2016 Yoga Schedule and Class Descriptions

Strengthen & Lengthen


Tired of that shoulder pain?  Still struggling to get into a full depth squat?  Our strengthen and lengthen helps to bring the best out of each athlete by focusing on proper alignment and linking breath with movement to lengthen tissues, increase muscle stamina, and build joint strength. Great for the beginner and advanced practitioner alike, this class offers a challenging yet accessible practice for all.


Rest & Restore


Rest and Restore is a perfect balance for the athlete looking to take a day off from the daily WOD and treat their body to some well deserved rest and recovery.  This class is a slower-paced, gentler flow that focuses on instruction of the basic postures to stretch, restore, and mobilize tired muscles.  Whether you are just beginning your yoga journey or are well traveled, our Rest and Restore class will help you to stay connected and stay healthy for many years to come.


Guided Stretching


Our guided stretching classes are designed for a quick cool down stretch with one of our certified teachers post WOD.  If you have never stepped into our yoga room this is a great way to get a taste of what we do!  These classes will vary in times and will be announced before the Welded class by your coach.


For more information about our classes or times please contact [email protected]





Warm Up:

25/18 cals on machine

3 Rds: 12 PVC PT, 12 OHS, 15 situps



Squat Snatch 12 Minutes of Practice
OR: 3 Overhead Squats EMOM

Lean: No Strength



5 Rounds
5 DL 225/155
10 Box Jumps 24/20
15 Wall Balls 20/14

Adv: 275/190


Welded Lean


100-80-60-40-20 Cals Bike



75-64-47-30-15 Cals Bike

Rest 1 Minute after each round


Mobility of the day: T-Spine OH Extension Bias (pg.238)

Improves:  Snatch Position, Shoulder Pain




6am – Strengthen & Lengthen With Karen

12-12:45 – S&L With Karen

5:30 – 6:30pm – S&L With Savina




8 to 9am




4:30 With Coach Leo